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Power Quality Audit

In our Power Quality audit, we measure the following parameters at various nodes with simultaneous 8-channel measurement of all parameters:

1. Voltage
2. Current
3. KW
4. KVA
6. Power Factor - TPF, DPF
7. Harmonic THD up to 63rd - V & I
8. L-L, L-N, N-G RMS: Sags/swells/interruptions
9. High Frequency Transients - V & I
10. Crest Factor, K Factor, Transformer Derating Factor
11. Inrush current
12. Cycle-by-cycle analysis with Min/Max/Avg values

Benefits of Unity Audit Services:
–- Power Quality Audit
–- Savings in energy bills
–- Improve system efficiency
–- Reduction in equipment failure
–- Identify cause of nuisance tripping of circuit breakers
–- Reduction in cable or transformer failure due to heating
–- Better production rate and quality
–- Enhance life of electrical network and components
–- Reduced KVA demand

Sample waveforms

Sample waveforms